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NameYi-Cheng Liu
Yi-Cheng Liu
PositionTechnology Leader
Yuanpei University. Department of Radiological Technology
Professional licenses
  • Medical Radiation Technologists(No.001153) 
  • Radiation Protection Personnel(No.01316)
  • Publication:
  • Ching-Ling Kao, Shinn-Yn Lin, Huan-Chang Liu, Chien-Yu Lin, Kang-Hsing Fan, Yi-Cheng Liu, Po-Yuan-Chen,Comparison of Repositioning Accuracy and Comfort Survey in Two Head Supports Used Inside the Same Available Immobilization Systems for Treatment of Head-And-Neck Target,Therapeut Radiol Oncol(2013)
  • Yi-Cheng Liu, Huan-Chang Liu, Po-Yuan Chen, Chen-Yuan Chen, An-Chin Chang,Yen-Ting Cheng, Nagn-Ming Tsang, Ji-Hong Hong,Assessment of setup error affecting dose coverage of target volume by using image-guided radiation therapy technology。Therapeut Radiol Oncol(2010)
  • Poster:
  • AApplication of OBI to evaluate the position accuracy experiences in Xiamen,18th AACRT (2011)
  • Application recalculation to varify dose distribulation in image-guide radiatiotherapy,43th TWSRT(2010)