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Radiation Oncology is a specialized medical team work. With integration of modern medical instrument and sophisticated information technology .It is the highest specialist healthcare that rely information technology in whole hospital.

Behind in such a highly specialized medical practice. It relies on a group of dedicated and well trained service engineer to make the medical process working smoothly. In CGMH-Linko RTO, we are the pioneer to configure the in-house engineer dedicated for maintain these complex equipment and information system.

The primary job of maintenance group is to maintain all the equips and information system of the Radiation Oncology department; and planning and coordination other project related to equipment. Such as RTO-IS medical information systems, CR(computerized Radiography) and other medical imaging systems, treatment planning system, cancer registration information systems, electronic medical records management, and so a variety of information systems . Or even the management of network and database systems.

As a service engineer, Person must well- trained of LINAC accelerator maintenance at least six months to be a junior engineer and take more than two years to become a qualified system engineer to complete work independently. All staff in this division must has the background of electronics or IT or MIS experience or skill to become a qualified maintenance engineer in RTO.

There are 6 members in maintenance group, including one in the Lovers Lake branch. Average service for LINAC more than 10 years.