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True Light (trueBEAM) radiation therapy machine, eight times performance improvement, error is less than 1 mm.

True Light (trueBEAM) radiation therapy machine in addition to providing traditional 6 and 10 MV photon beam energy, the more innovative with 6 and 10 MV-FFF (Flattening Filter Free) high intensity mode, the maximum output of the dose rate can be up to 2400 per minute MU, Compared to the general pattern of 600 MU per minute, or removal of Siemens Primus of 300 MU per minute, performance improved several times, the time required for treatment of the patients also have the opportunity to significantly shortened. In addition, mechanical action and precision beam control trueBEAM is also currently the highest of all accelerator therapy equipment, nearly 800 tons heavy treatment arm, rotating around the central axis of the difference is only about the diameter of 0.6 mm. However, eight times the dose rate representative of the old machine's radiation shielding former workplace requires careful planning to re-assessment to ensure radiation safety of staff and patients. Meanwhile, high-precision mechanical devices and high-accuracy digital control systems, need more thorough quality verification procedures in order to play the high standards expected of the device performance.

Efficient is also highly secure operating environment

In the part of the radiation safety assessment, in addition to the original structure of the workplace plan application for the required increase in radiation shielding calculations, even using the original treatment machine has not yet dismantled the occasion, detailed measurements of the actual treatment machine for the surrounding environment of each reference point dose value, considering the old equipment and the dose rate arising from differences in the maximum beam energy, integrated installation of new machines required for the projected increase in the thickness of lead shielding and laying position. Adequate data collection, application of radiation physics expertise, coupled with the implementation of the project applied for after the completion of the installation of the new machine to the maximum energy output with maximum irradiation dose rate, the dose assessment of the value of the reference point almost the same value, all assessments points radiation protection regulations are in compliance with the requirements (Control Area <10μSv/hr, demilitarized zone <0.5 μSv / hr). Becomes due in full grasp of detailed plans, a substantial cost savings shield project, but also provides a safe working environment radiation.

True Light enough to perform the highest radiation therapy machine precision radiotherapy or stereotactic radiosurgery

In part quality certification by the Medical Physics Division of Medical Physics teacher who receive the test in accordance with standard operating procedures, and sequence verified the accuracy including the original mechanical movement, the output beam energy and dose distribution function of the correctness of each operation effectiveness of projects such as the complete test. Overall, the accuracy of the difference trueBEAM mechanical movement of <1 mm. The difference in beam energy accuracy <0.5%. Such level of precision is sufficient to perform the most demanding precision radiotherapy or stereotactic radiosurgery (SRT / SRS) or stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT).