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•Dr. T. C. Chang took the chairman position of our department since July.
•Dr. J. H. Hong took the Chairman, Taiwan Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology.
Set at the beginning of the cyclotron for Proton and Radiation Therapy Center.
Proton and Radiation Therapy Center was starting-builded.
Introduced the 1st RapidArc linac in Taiwan, which was the latest technology performing 360 degree volumetric Arc therapy to reduce the dose of normal tissue and improve the treatment quality. There are 4 linacs with the image-guided technique for more precise radiotherapy since then.
Signed a contract for proton therapy with Sumitomo Heavy Industry and scheduled to treat the first patient since 2014.

Introduced the 1st Novalis in Taiwan for the intracranial/extracranial radiosurgery and image-guided radiotherapy. The Novalis system had the updated technologies at that time, like the finest 3-mm MLC, image-guided system, respiratory-gated system, and 6D couch.

The Department of Radiation Oncology at CGMH-Keelung was set up and Dr. C.S. Tsai was appointed as the chairman.

Upgraded Cadplan treatment planning system to Eclipse with the powerful functions like image fusion.

Our department was praised as the best one in the academic conference by the hospital, because of our outstanding performance in teaching., same award was obtained in the next year.
2002Introduced the 2nd CT simulator (GE) with the respiratory-gated device and have the 4D CT image since then.
2001Introduced the linac with MLC of 0.5mm thickness, respiratory-gated system, and electronic portal imaging system.
2000Introduced remote afterloading system of HDR brachytherapy for prostate cancer.
1998Signed a letter-of-intent for proton therapy with Optivus Inc.. However, the contract was not signed because the provided specifications could not meet the requirement from CGMH.
1997Dr. J. H. Hong took the chairman position of our department since this year and set up the? subspecialty system which expanded the quality and profundity of clinical practices.
1996Introduced the intra-operative radiotherapy.
1995Introduced the 1st 3-D treatment planning system(ADAC brand) & electronic image of linac.
1993Set the 1st intracranial radiosurgery by adopting BrainLab sysetm. Introduced brachytherapy of brain implant for malignant brain tumors.

Dr. M. S. Chen passed away at Los Anglos due to brain abscess caused by media otitis which was a treatment complication of NPC treatment. At the same year, Dr. F. J. Lin left our department and founded the department of R.T.O. at Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital and acted as the chairman of department of R.T.O. at China Medical University, Taiwan.

Dr. Simon G. Tang served as the chairman of our department.
1990Dr. Simon G. Tang published the prognosis of NPC, as the first publication of our department in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics, the most important journal in the radiation oncology. At the next year, Dr. M. S. Chen published a highly cited paper about the results of HDR radiotherapy for cervical cancer in this journal. Dr. J.H. Hong also had another article about cervical cancer after the year of Dr. Chen  publication. Since 1995, the articles from our department were frequently published in this journal.
1988Dr. N.M. Tsang was accepted by the Ph.D. program of Harvard university, as the 1st one to have the Ph.D. degree and training in our department.
1987Department of Radiation Oncology in Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital at Kaohsiung was founded and supported by attending physicians from Linkou branch at the beginning.
1980Started to use 1st 60Co-source after-loading machine (Toshiba)
1979Dr. F. J. Lin came back from MSKCC. The 1st 60Co machine started to treat patients. The 1st 10MV Varian Linac were also installed at the same year.
1979The Department of Radiation Oncology in Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital at Linkou was set upin 1979 and founded by Dr. F. J. Lin. Since Dr. Lin received his radiation oncology training c in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center at New York, our department therefore had the system and the treatment planning program since those in the USA since then. As the progress in the radiotherapy, we also keep up with the latest knowledge and technologies and become leading radiation oncology department in Taiwan.
1978Dr. M. S. Chen was the 1st session resident of our department. As the treatment machine was in purchasing, Dr. Chen, Miss Hsu (The Chief nurse), and Mr. Wu (The Chief therapist) received one-year training at Taipei Veterans General Hospital.