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Radiotherapy (RT) is a high-tech therapy that uses high-energy photons or charged particles such as electrons or protons to eradicate malignant tumors or inhibit the growth of benign lesions. Taking advantage of better repair ability from the radiation damage caused in normal tissue, fractionated (multiple times) radiotherapy is employed to achieve tumor control without the severe acute side effects and late toxicities. The total treatment duration depends on the disease type and may take from one week to two months, 5-6 treatments per week and 10-20 minutes per session. To provide the best treatment quality, working time for pre-treatment preparations and planning is needed before radiotherapy. Many patients receive radiotherapy, so there will also be waiting time for treatment. We will try our best to reduce waiting times, and your patience is greatly appreciated.

The treatment process of radiotherapy is illustrated with the following pictures and annotations:

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