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NameChien-Yi Yeh
Chien-Yi Yeh
Position Technical Direct
Department of Physics, TunGhai University
  • Medical Physicist(No.04)
  • Senior Radiation Protection Personnel(No.0032)
  • 1993 Evaluation of electron pencil beam , Taiwan Therapeutic radiology and oncology, Vo.18, No.3, p253~261, September 
  • 1995 Total scalp irradiation ,Taiwan Therapeutic radiology and oncology, Vol.2, No.1, p63~67,March 1995
  • 1999 New equipment in Linear accelerator development, medical physics symposium in Taiwan
  • 2000 Stereotatic brain implant technique, annual meeting of Chinese Society of Medical Physicists in Taiwan
  • 2000 IMRT dose verification, IMRT symposium in Taiwan
  • 2002 The treatment planning in IMRT, IMRT workshop in Taiwan
  • 2003 Irregularly Shaped Wedge Fields Created by Dynamic Multi-leaf Collimator, World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in Sydney
  • 2004 Shielding design in medical, radiation safety and protection symposium in Taiwan
  • 2005 The total management of quality control in radiotherapy, Radiotherapy quality control symposium in Taiwan
  • 2006 Taiwan’s Experience of Medical Exposure Quality Assurance 
    in Radiotherapy,18th International Symposium on 
    Environmental Protection and Safety in Seoul National 
  • 2006 How to design the shielding for radiation protection, the 
    Association of Radiologic Technologists of the R.OC. Annual 
    education symposium.
  • 2009 Quality assurance and clinical experience of RAPIDARC 
    technology, ACRR 2009 May 18, CDEX, Seoul
  • 2010 Proton Therapy in Taiwan , OCPA2010 at Beijing, China 
    Aug. 5 , 2010
  • 2010 The progress of proton therapy project in Chang-Gung 
    Memorial Hospital, Taiwan 10th Asia-Oceania Congress of 
    Medical Physics October 15-17, 2010