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NameChing-Ling Kao
Ching-Ling Kao
PositionRadiation Thepapists
Kaohsiung Medical University. Medical Imaging & Radiological Sciences
Medical Radiation Technologists(No.003581)
  • Publication:
  • Ching-Ling Kao, Shinn-Yn Lin, Huan-Chang Liu, Chien-Yu Lin , Kang-Hsing Fan ,Yi-Cheng Liu , Po-Yuan Chen,Comparison of Repositioning Accuracy and Comfort Survey in Two Head Supports Used inside the Same Available Immobilization Systems for Treatment of Head-and-Neck Target,Therapeut Radiol Oncol(2013)
  • Poster:
  • Comparison of Repositioning Accuracy and Comfort Survey in different Head Supports, TWSRT(2012)
  • Oral:
  • To Discuss the Patient Immobilization in Prostate Cancer, TWSRT(2005)