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NameChien-Hui Chen
Chien-Hui Chen
PositionRadiation Thepapists
National Yang-Ming University. Deapartment of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences
  • Medical Radiation Technologists(No.006443)
  • Senior Radiation Protection Personnel
  • Publication:
  • Ya-Fang Chang, Hui-Yen Chuang, Chien-Hui Chen, et al. Immunomodulation of Curcumin on Adoptive Therapy with T Cell Functional Imaging in Mice。Cancer Prev Res. (2012)
  • Poster:
  • Chien-Hui Chen ,Yen-Ting Cheng: Different Parameters Affect the RPM (Real-Time Position Management) Sysytem in Radiobiology ,The 47th Annual Meeting of TWRST and International Conference of Medical Imaging (2014)
  • Jeng-Jong Hwang, Chien-Hui Chen, Ya-Fang Chang, Hui-Yen Chuang ,Wei-Hsun Wang,Molecular Imaging of Macrophage Activation in Rheumatoid Arthritis-Bearing Mice,World Molecular Imaging Congress (2012)
  • Chien-Hui Chen, Jeng-Jong Hwang,Therapeutic efficacy evaluation and mechanism of lupeol acetate in rheumatoid arthritis-bearing mice,YM University(2012)
  • Chien-Hui Chen, Ya-Fang Chang, Hui-Yen Chuang, Wei-Hsun Wang, Jeng-Jong Hwang,Granzyme B is a key Factor Responsible for Rheumatoid Arthritis in Mice Evaluated with Molecular Imaging,World Molecular Imaging Congress (2011)