Jung-Ju Huang
Education Background

Graduated from Taipei Medical University

Post-graduated training
Jun 2000 -- May 2001: Internship
Aug 2001 -- Jul 2004: : Residency in general surgery
Aug 2004 -- now: : Residency in plastic surgery
Aug 2006-- now:
Chief resident in plastic surgery
Board Certification
Medical board ROC: 033564
(Sep, 2001)
Surgical board ROC: 005365
(Dec, 2005)
1: Huang, J.J., Niu, C-C., Chen, L.H., Lai, P.L., Fu, T.S., Chen, W.J.
Anterior cervical spinal surgery for multilevel cervical myelopathy
Chang Gung Med J. 27(7):531-41, 2004 Jul.
2: Huang, J.J., Chuang, D.C.C.
Pan-limb Plexiform Neurofibroma: Hypothesis of pathogehesis and its surgical strategy
-- accepted by J Plast Surg Asso R.O.C.
3: Jung-Ju Huang; Jia-Woei Hou*, Ying-Chien Tan, Kuo-Ting Chen, Lun-Jou Lo, Yu-Ray Chen,
Van der Woude Syndrome: Clinical Presentation in 64 Patients
-- accepted by Cleft Palat Craniofac J
4: Huang, J.J., Chuang, D.C.C.,
surgical treatment in femoral nerve injury
-- accepted by J Plast Surg Asso R.O.C.