Congratulations !!

Professor Fu-Chan Wei was awarded

the TienTe Lee Award - Outstanding



The division of reconstructive microsurgery was founded in 1992. Since our door opened more than 15 years, our mission has been excellence. We strive to pursuit the leading role in diagnosis, patient care and treatment in the world and to train tomorrowˇ¦s great mircosurgeons and scientists from around the world. Above all, we aim to provide the highest quality of health care and service to our patients. The division of reconstructive microsurgery provides medical service that cover a variety of reconstructive fields including head and neck reconstructions, brachial plexus injury, facial reanimation, breast reconstructions, hand surgery, and cosmetic surgery.

July, 1992- June, 1996 Professor Fu-Chan Wei
July, 1996- June, 2001 Professor Hung-Chi Chen
July, 2001- April, 2006 Professor David C.C. Chuang
May, 2006 until now Dr. Ming- Huei Cheng