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Health education

by: Jhong-Yung Wu, M.D.

Not only indoor but also outdoor; not only in hospital, but also all around the world.

  • Emotion and profession are two important features of our team. The best care of childhood asthma should be extended into house and school, and thus healthy education plays an important role in asthma care. Professor Jing-Long Huang said: “there were limited number of patients you could care if your stay in hospital only because most children spend their most time in school. Thus it was important to educate school nurse or other associated members to learn adequate knowledge about asthma care. Only by this manner, we could care maximum number of children.” Base on this concept, out team had most organized and abundant education activity.

  • Indeed, there are still several wrong stereotype about asthmatic children even in this modern world, such as concepts about steroids use or excise in asthmatic children. Most people had these concepts because they had no chance to receive healthy education. Thus our goal of healthy education is to built the complete and comprehensive asthmatic care net in Taiwan, and even to influence the national policy for asthmatic children.

  • Action speak louder than words. Our action plans have carried out in the past ten years. Our healthy education team member included doctors, education nurses, and medical laboratory scientist. We not only arranged lecture but also carry several tools (such as lung function test machine) for asthma to all around Taiwan. We have completed the repeated such courses in may places far to us, such as Kinmen, Hualien, Matsu and Penghu. The objects also varied; school nurse, pharmacist, primary care physician, and general population all have been our audience.

  • In hospital, we have exclusive health educators who severe outpatients and hospitalized children. The content include environment control, medication device use, peak flow meter use, and case follow-up.

  • For atopic dermatitis patients, we also provide education about environment control and how to avoid allergen. There are available various of emollient product, and one of our mission is to find the most suitable product for individuals.

Here are our special healthy education programs:

Yearly Christmas Carnival for asthmatic children
Let children and parents learn knowledge about asthma by playing games!

Asthma symposium for parents
The main audience of these symposiums are parents. We try to make a more shallow but clear speech for parents in hospital, and let them share their experience.

Yearly summer camp for asthmatic children
According to our experience, one of the most common wrong stereotype about asthmatic children is that these children cannot offer exercise. Thus we organize such camp every year to prove that asthmatic children also have outdoor life as other children.

Concert for asthmatic children
        With adequate treatment, asthmatic children could have as excellent performance in music as other children. This concert is an unique performance and special educational activities in Taiwan.

Educational lecture tour around Taiwan

         So far, we have such educational lectures in over 100 villages and towns in Taiwan, and there are over 4000 person-time in out lecture history. Such educational lecture activity have been confirmed to improve the concept of asthma and to let more asthmatic children to receive adequate care!

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