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Advanced Treatment

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Advanced treatment

by: Jhong-Yung Wu, M.D.

Inhaled corticosteroids and mask

       Inhaled corticosteroids is the drug of choice for persistent asthma control. However, many parents and primary care physicians did not use this manner because there was no available asthma care team. For younger children (usually younger than 6-year-old), the metered dose inhaler of corticosteroids should be used via mask. Our center provide right medication with right device, and such service is reinforced by well-organized health education team.


      Anti-IgE now serves as a second line treatment for severe asthma patients who failed to response to first line treatment. There were novel experience with this medication use, and detail treatment plan for these group of patients in our hospital.

Wet wrap skin treatment for atopic dermatitis

       Wet wrap skin treatment is a second-line skin care method for severe and refractory atopic dermatitis patients. We offered hospitalization for these patients, and provide such skin care which is performed by experienced doctor or nurse. The valuable point of this manner is well skin moisture by wet wrap and occlusion by adequate ointment or cream.  


        Allergy immunotherapy are treatment to improve patients allergic condition by challenge with increasing individual’s resistance to allergens. Such treatment should be performed and monitored by experienced pediatric allergist and with available resuscitate equipment.

Intranasal corticosteroids spray

        The most important and effective medication in allergic rhinitis is intranasal corticosteroids spray. Our department provide most developed intranasal corticosteroids for patients with allergic rhinitis.


       Anaphylaxis is a true medical emergency. Our department is the pioneer of EpiPen in Taiwan. EpiPen is a convinced autoinjector  of epinephrine, and easily operated by general individuals. It could be suggested for those with higher risk of anaphylaxis and for specific population who had more outdoor activities.

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