About PDC


The core laboratory of experimental animals for phenomics and diagnostics is committed to integrating research resources from many aspects, assisting clinicians and related researchers in developing and applying the latest practical technology to carry out innovative research projects. In addition to providing a large number of services and sharing research experience, the core laboratory is also committed to maintaining high-quality customer service while delivering high-quality experimental data, analysis methods, and practical design assistance.

Things I Can Do

The team has established many systemic examination and application platforms using precision instruments in core facilities, including

1. imaging analysis systems for live animals and in vitro investigation,

2. laboratory animal health examination and molecular diagnostic procedures,

3. long-term activities and behavior

4. Monitoring and analysis system, long-term oxygen consumption and energy consumption, physiological metabolism instant detection platform,

5. computer tomography angiography and quantitative evaluation platform.

The core laboratory upholds the spirit of sharing high-quality services and equipment. It receives an average of more than 25 hours of education and training every year. About 20 clinicians have a total of more than 30 hours of consultation time. We hope that through core business promotion activities, combined with multi-faceted cooperation opportunities, and we will actively participate in the research guidance formulated by the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and continue to promote the implementation of cross-domain and comprehensive research projects.

Acknowledgement sample

We thank the Core Lab for Phenomics and Diagnostics, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung, Taiwan for use of supports.

Collaborative cores

Taiwan Animal Consortium

National Comprehensive Mouse Phenotyping and Drug Testing Center

Taiwan Mouse Clinic and Taiwan Animal consortium


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