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With the generation of the newest aesthetic idea

With the generation of the newest aesthetic idea, the cosmetic medical center on the largest scale of Asia has been established in the Taoyuan branch in the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital on January 15, 2006. This center combines Dept. of Dermatology and Dept. of plastic Surgery, and offers the most perfect cosmetic body consultation. The Taoyuan branch is located in Kuei-Shan high hillock on the mountain, have beautiful modeling of the diesis type, mounting refinedly and bright, the pure and fresh air and pleasantly peaceful the environment.

The Aesthetic Medical Center (AMC) on the largest scale of Asia is more than 1500 m2 in second floor of Taoyuan branch that owns cosmetic experts of Dermatology and Plastic Surgeons. In addition, the dipping massage of Chinese herb, a kind of special traditional and natural medical course, keeps the patients in good mind and health. The high-quality anesthesia and painless technology offer the best cosmetic medical service. The people can be far away from the miscellaneous downtown area and enjoy laser and plastic treatment in the quiet and tastefully environment.

In the spacious garden type of cosmetic medical center, the medical group of the plastic surgery and dermatology offer cosmetology offer cosmetology to people. Our institute especially introduces accurate skin testers to analyze skin, including the real skin age, the depth of the humidity of the dermis, the classification of the spots. People can fully understand one’s own skin quality. The doctors will propose one grade of skin-care products, proper laser or mere face treatment protocols to against the different skin conditions, in order to improving skin coarseness, wrinkle, concave scar holes, black spot and skin nevus within short time.


The AMC set up more than 10 different and brand-new laser equipments

The AMC set up more than 10 different and brand-new laser equipments. Meanwhile, this center owns the Diamond Peel and the new generation of Vitamine C ionophrosis, so that the patients could dispel the acne faster and coarse skin could be improved, in a painless relaxation and within half hour. The most important thing is no skin wound. Regarding the deep small acne scar, the new-type erbium laser can smooth the unsmooth skin. “Ultrashape” Ultrasound system :for the reduction of localized fat deposits and smooth, uniform body shaping. The tune for recovery is short and the security is high.

The Center also offers the newest thermcooling system to improve wrinkle and lax skin easily, Additionally, in case of avoiding the operation, injection of hyaluronic acid can augment the nose and lip, and get rid of the dynamic wrinkles, this makes brand-new face easily, and the beauty fan is worthy what you have been tried and has left scar no scar at all, In addition, this procedure is very fast.

The cosmetic surgery include the face lift, augmentation mammoplasty, breasts reduction, liposuction, blepharoplasty, hair transplantation and facial contouring as well as rejuvenations etc.. Furthermore, the application of the computerized and endoscopic operations has advanced the exquisite cosmetic surgery even more.

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