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    Our PET center is  located in the Taoyuan Chang Gung memorial hospital district where is elegant and peaceful hospital. Since the end of 2011, We have installed the PET/CT scanner (Discovery STE-16, GE healthcare), follow the purpose of Chang Gung medical system and the advanced devices, we provide the advanced molecular imaging with the fluoride deoxyglucose(F-18 FDG) whole body positron imaging. Our environment is comfortable and independent also taking into account about the personal privacy, so that you can get the fully rest during the scan.




Why choose the Taoyuan Chang Gung PET Center? ---- when health check is completed?

    Recently, people have a important concept: "the health check is not a health check only" . In many cases, the abnormalities found in the health examination, regardless of local inflammation or cancer lesions, both need an experienced clinical team to provide further assistance or treatment recommendations. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is a famous and leading medical center with a professional and  experienced clinical team. Not only provide a health check, but also be able provide the professional advice which we called "complete PET imaging service".

   Follow your needs, we provide the service of : health checks, the malignant tumor staging, the impact assessment process before or after the cancer treatment, and the routine follow up after treatment by:
F-18 FDG whole body PET scan.

•F-18 FDG local (brain, heart or other parts) PET scan.

also you can contact us at:
• For health check, please dial to our health care center : 886-3-319-6200 ext 2888

•Have a cancer histry, you can ask your physician or ask our doctor for the help (08:00~16:30 Mon.~Fri.): 886-3-319-6200 ext 2103


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TCG PET center NO.123, DINGHU RD., GUISHAN DISTRICT, TAOYUAN CITY 333, TAIWAN, R.O.C TEL:886-3-319-6200 Ext. 2104