International house
  The international house of SOIA is hoping to become your great companion and willing to build a long-lasting relationships with our international scholars.
The Deputy Chief of SOIA:
。Dr.Chih-Hung Lin
(Plastic Surgery),
。Dr. Ming-Huei Cheng
(Plastic Surgery)and
。Dr. Yi-Sheng Chan
(Orthopedic Surgery) will provide their excellent help for you and your family.
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  As a member of SOIA international house, you can loggin to this forum to share your opinion, issues about CGMH. Besides, please give us some reply about our hospital, website and other opinion.
  Here you can find out the activities which SOIA holds for our members. We will hold some interesting and special activities regularly, wish you can join us.
  The SOIA is hoping to be a great companion to provide necessary services to our members.

  Please join the alumni club to find more interactions, meet more alumni, and receive updated information.