Expertise at Chang Gung System

Huang-Yu Yang ,M.D.,Ph.D.
Institution: Linkou chang gung memorial hospital
Position: Assistant Professor/Physician Scientist
Department: Kidney Institute/Nephrology Department
Address: No.5, Fusing St., Gueishan Township, Taoyuan County 333, Taiwan
Tel: +886-3-328-1200 ext.8181

Focus of Interest :
  • Immunology
  • Transplantation
  • Urology & Nephrology

Fulltime Employment :
Assistant Professor
2012~present Kidney Institute Department of Medicine Chang Gung Memorial Hospital School of Medicine, Chang Gung University Taoyuan, Taiwan

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) 1998 Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan
Ph.D. 2013 Immunology Program, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, US.

Honor and Awards :

  1. Notable advances 2011 by nature medicine, 2011, “Control of T(H)17/T(reg) Balance by Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1.” was selected for notable advances 2011 by nature medicine.
  2. Travel Award, 2013, The Annual Meeting of The American Association of Immunologists,
  3. NIH Award, 2013, 8th Scientific Meeting of International Leptospirosis Society
  4. Best Oral Presentation Award, 2013, Annual Meeting of Taiwan Society of Nephrology

Selected Publications :

1. Yang HY*, Dang EV*, Barbi J*, Jinasena D, Yu H, Zheng Y, Bordman Z, Fu J, Kim Y, Yen HR, Luo W, Zeller K, Shimoda L, Topalian SL, Semenza GL, Dang CV, Pardoll DM, Pan FControl of T(H)17/T(reg) Balance by Hypoxia-Inducible Factor. Cell. 2011; 146(5):772-784.

2. Wu CY, Yang HY, Monie A, Ma B, Tsai HH, Wu TC, Hung CFIntraperitoneal administration of poly(I:C) with polyethylenimine leads to significant antitumor immunity against murine ovarian tumorsCancer Immunology Immunotherapy. 2011; 60(8):1085-1096.

3. Yang HY, Yen TH, Lin CY, Chen YC, Pan MJ, Lee CH, Yu CC, Wu MS, Wu SS, Weng CH, Chen KH, Hung CC, Yang CW. Early identification of leptospirosis as an ignored cause of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Shock. 2012; 38(1):24-9

4. Yen THYang HYYeh YHChu PHWen CJFu JFWang IKLiang CCChang CTChen KHTian YCHung CCLin JL, Yang CW. Aliskiren attenuates proteinuria in mice with lupus nephritis by a blood pressure-independent mechanism. Lupus. 2013; 22(2):180-189

5. Chen Z, Barbi J, Bu S, Yang HY, Li Z, Gao Y, Jinasena D, Fu J, Lin F, Chen C, Zhang J, Yu N, Li X, Shan Z, Nie J, Gao Z, Tian H, Li Y, Yao Z, Zheng Y, Park BV, Pan Z, Zhang J, Dang E, Li Z, Wang H, Luo W, Li L, Semenza GL, Zheng SG, Loser K, Tsun A, Greene MI, Pardoll DM, Pan F, Li B. The ubiquitin ligase stub1 negatively modulates regulatory T cell suppressive activity by promoting degradation of the transcription factor foxp3. Immunity. 2013; 39(2):272-85.

Full Publication List

Board Certification / Professional Affiliations:
Taiwan Society of Nephrology
The Society of Internal Medicine of Taiwan

Ongoing projects:
HIF-1 inhibitor mitigate lupus nephritis in mice by modulating Th17 and Treg function