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2018.08.17 Dr. Vincent Chin-Hung Chen, Department of Psychiatry, Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) care new mode: "Shared Action Model" Let the children see the future.
2018.06.13 Dr.Liu Fu-Chao, Dr. Chiu Hung-Chih, Dr. Yu Huang-Ping, Department of Anesthesiology, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital The status of Anaphylaxis in Taiwan.
2018.05.08 Dr.Po-Hung Chang, Department of ENT. ,Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital If you don't know the difference between running nose & cerebrospinal fluid, beware of brain infections.
2018.04.10 Dr. Wan‐Ni Lin, Department of ENT. Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Young children do not eat dried stone fruit seeds, which can be fatal if broken into the trachea.
2018.03.28 Dr. Ming-Huei Cheng, Department of Plastic Surgery;
Dr. Chieh-Tsai Wu and Dr.Hsieh, Po-Chuang, Department of Neurosurgery , Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Children will also have a stroke?! Talk about moyamoya cerebrovascular disease and difficult surgical cases to share.
2018.03.27 Dr. Wen-Hung Chung and Chuang-Wei Wang Ph.D., Drug Hypersensitivity Clinical and Research Center/ Department of Dermatology ;
Yang, Lan-Yan Ph.D., Clinical Trial Center ,Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital;
Dr. Hsin-Chun Ho, Department of Dermatology, Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Severe Skin Drug Hypersensitivity Treatment New Dawn - Chang Gung Medical Team has received internationally renowned journals.
2018.03.13 Dr. Pang-Yun Chou, Department of Plastic Surgery, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Chang Gung Medical team successfully developed innovative medical materials to reduce adhesion after surgery.
2018.03.07 Dr. Hsiao, Sheng-wen, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,Taipei Chang Gung Hospital Age is not a problem to give birth to baby, ! Chang Gung Memorial Hospital helps 62-year-old woman to successfully give birth to the second child.
2018.03.06 Dr. Shyue-Luen Chang, Department of dermatology at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan / Taipei Chang Gung Hospital clinic special varicose vein clinic Varicose veins may produce serious complications of embolism! The study of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital topped the top journal of international medicine.
2018.02.27 Dr.Chin-Kuo Chen, Department of Otolaryngology, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital A new era of hearing care services─ Linkou Chang Geng Memorial Hospital set up "Artificial Cochlear Implantation Clinic".
2018.02.01 Dr.Tuan-Jen Fang,ENT, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Dr.Li-Jen Hsin, ENT, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Do not ignore the sound hoarse,early laryngeal cancer with minimally invasive laser surgery can protect voice.
2018.01.10 Porf.Ching-Chi Chi, Dermatology Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital;
Chairman of TEBMA ;
Ph.D. in Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford, UK
People with psoriasis may also get irritated by their eyes.
2018.01.03 Dr. Shie-Shan Wang, Pediatric Surgery, Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Woman intergluteal cleft Have a pain indistinctl, New women's hernia surgery does not scars.

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