Expertise at Chang Gung System

Liu, Jing-Lan , M.D.
Intitution: Chia-Yi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Position: Physician
Department: Department of pathology
Address: No. 6, W. Sector, Jiapu Road, Puzi City, Chiayi County 613,, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-5-3621000

Focus of Interest:
  • Pathology

Fulltime Employment:
  1. St. Martin de Porres Hospital: Jan 2011 – Jul 2014 Pathologist Changhua Christian Hospital: Jan 2008 – Dec 2010 Anatomic pathology resident and fellow
  2. Shin Kong Memorial Hospital: Jul 2006 – Dec 2007 Anatomic pathology resident

  • Chang Gung University: Sep 2013 – Present, Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Sciences
  • Taipei Medical University: Sep 1999 – Jun 2006, Doctor of Medicine

Selected Main Publications:
  1. Jing-Lan Liu, Fen-Fen Chen, Jrhau Lung , Cheng-Hsing Lo, Fang-Hui Lee, Ying-Chou Lu, Chien-Hui Hung. Prognostic Significance of p62/SQSTM1 Subcellular Localization and LC3B in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. British Journal of Cancer [published online].
  2. Jing-Lan Liu, Kai-Chian Chang, Chun-Chih Lo, Pei-Yi Chu and Chen-Hsuan Liu (2013, Apr). Expression of autophagy-related protein beclin-1 in malignant canine mammary tumors . BMC Veterinary Research.
  3. Jing-Lan Liu, Chung-Min Yeh, Nicholas Chung-Heng Hsu, Pei-Yi Chu, Chen-Hsuan Liu (2013, Apr). High Krüppel-like Factor 5 Expression is Associated with a Poor Prognosis in Dogs with Canine Mammary Carcinoma. The International Journal of Applied Research, 11(2).
  4. Jing-Lan Liu, Tzu-Cheng Su, Ko-Hung Shen, Shu-Hui Lin, Hsin-Kai Wang, Jui-Chang Hsu , Chih-Jung Chen (2012, Jun). Vaginal superficial myofibroblastoma: a rare mesenchymal tumor of the lower female genital tract and a study of its association with viral infection. Medical Molecular Morphology, 45(2),110-4.


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