Expertise at Chang Gung System

Hsieh, Jing-Ru , M.D.
Intitution:Keelung Chang Gung memorial hospital
Position: Director
Department: Pathology
Address:No. 222,Mai Chin Road, Keelung, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
Tel:+886-2-24313131 ext 2641 Fax:+886-2-24313131 ext 2640

Focus of Interest :
  • Pathology

Fulltime Employment:
  1. Director, Department of Pathology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Keelung

  • School of medicine, Kaohsiung Medical College

Selected Main Publications:
  1. Chang LC, Fan CW, Tseng WK, Chen JR, Chein HP, Hwang CC, Hua CC.(2013, Dec). Immunohistochemical Study of the Nrf2 Pathway in Colorectal Cancer: Nrf2 Expression is Closely Correlated to Keap1 in the Tumor and Bach1 in the Normal Tissue. APPLIED IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR MORPHOLOGY, 21(6):511-7.
  2. Tseng JC, Chang LC, Jiang BY, Liu YC, Chen HJ, Yu CT, Hua CC. Elevated circulating levels of tissue factor-positive microvesicles are associated with distant metastasis in lung cancer. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2014 Jan;140(1):61-7
  3. CC Hua, LC Chang, JC Tseng, CM Chu, YC Liu, WB Shieh. (2010, Jun). Functional haplotypes in the promoter region of transcription factor Nrf2 in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Disease Markers, 28(3): 185-193.
  4. LC Chang, CC Hua*, CM Chu, BY Chiang, HJ Chen, CC Yu. (2009, Nov). Differential mRNA Expression of Toll-like Receptors and Their Adaptors in Pleural Effusions.. Respirology, 14(8); 1194-1199.
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Board Certification:
  1. 解剖病理專科 病解專醫字第000148號
  2. 臨床病理專科 病臨專醫字第000116號