Expertise at Chang Gung System

Fang, Ji-Tseng ,M.D.
Institution: Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital / Chang Gung University
Position: Physician/ Professor/ Director of the Department of Medicine
Department: Division of Nephrology
1) No 5, Fu Hsing Street, Kuei Shan, Taoyuan County, Taiwan, R.O.C. Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
2) 259 Wen-Hwa 1st Road, Kwei-Shan Tao-Yuan,Taiwan,333, R.O.C. Chang Gung University
Tel: +886-3-328-1200 ext.8181 Fax: +886-3-3282173
E-mail: ,

Focus of Interest :
  • Medicine, General & Internal
  • Urology & Nephrology
  • Medical Education

Employment Records:
2003-2005 Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital: Health Checkup Center Director
2006-2008 Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital: Records management committee Chairman
2006-2008 Chang Gung University: Department of Medicine Deputy Director
2004-2010 Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital: Center for Teacher Education Director
1999-2009 Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital: Intensive Care Nephrology Director
2010-2013 Taiwan Institute of Medical Education:Third Management Council Manager
2013-2016 Taiwan Institute of Medical Education:Fourth Management Council Manager
2008-2014 Chang Gung University: Department of Medicine Director

Department of Medicine, Taipei Medical University

Honor and Awards:
20 consecutive years of elected Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, excellent teaching physician (1991-2010)

Selected Publications:

  1.  Chang YJ, Lii SC, Liu CM, Huang CD, Fang JT.(2013) Differences in Learning Outcomes between Medical Students from Urban and Rural Areas. J Med Education, 17: 107-114.
  2.  Huang CD, Chang YJ, Kuo HP, Huang JL, Fang JT.(2013) Gender Differences in Performances of Medical Students at One Medical School in Taiwan. J Med Education, 17: 55-63.
  3. (2013)Truth telling in medical practice: students' opinions versus their observations of attending physicians' clinical practice. Psychooncology, 22(7):1605-10.
  4.  Chen IJ, Chang MY, Chiao SL, Chen JL, Yu CC, Yang SH, Liu JM, Hung CC, Yang RC, Chang HC, Hsu CH, Fang JT. (2012)Korean red ginseng improves blood pressure stability in patients with intradialytic hypotension.Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 595271: 8.
  5.  Pan HC, Jenq CC, Tsai MH, Fan PC, Chang CH, Chang MY, Tian YC, Hung CC, Fang JT, Yang CW, Chen YC.(2012) Risk models and scoring systems for predicting the prognosis in critically ill cirrhotic patients with acute kidney injury: a prospective validation study. PLoS One, 7(12):e51094. (SCI)

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Board Certification / Professional Affiliations:
Taiwan Association of Medical Education
Taiwan Society of Nephrology

Ongoing Projects:
1. The association of Taiwan Hospital Accreditation with Taiwan Medical School Accreditation : Clinical Medical Education
2. General Hospital Linkou Medical Ethics Committee Research and Development and Education Training Program(2/3)
3. Relationship between Academic Achievement, Community Activities, A Sense of Meaning in Life, Anxiety and Depression among Medical Students(2/3)