Expertise at Chang Gung System

Robert Yung-Liang Wang ,Ph.D.
Institution: Chang gung university
Position: Associate professor
Department: Department of Biomedical Sciences
Address: 10F, The First Medical Building, Tao Yuan, 333 TAIWAN (R.O.C.), Department of Biomedical Sciences (10F /BArea)
Tel: +886-3-2118800# 3691 Fax: +886-3-2118700

Focus of Interest:
  • Virology
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Toxicology
  • Molecular Virology
  • Enzyme chemistry
  • Cell biology

Fulltime Employment:
  • February 2009 – now Chang Gung UniversityTaoYuan, Taiwan Assistant Professor
  • October 2005 – January 2009 University of KentuckyLexington, KY Senior postdoctoral researcher
  • October 2006 - Present University of KentuckyLexington, KY Teacher of Chinese Class in the College of Education
  • February 2003 – October 2005 University of Texas Medical BranchGalveston, TX Postdoctoral Researcher

  • 2003Taiwan University Ph.D. Microbiology and BiochemistryTaipei, Taiwan
  • 1995 Taiwan University Master Protein Chemistry and Agricultural ChemistryTaipei, Taiwan
  • 1993 Taipei Medical University B.SNutritional ScienceTaipei, Taiwan

Selected Main Publications:
  1. Wang RY, Kuo RL, Ma WC, Huang HI, Yu JS, Yen SM, Huang CR, Shih SR (2013   May) Heat Shock Protein-90-beta Facilitates Enterovirus 71 Viral Particles Assembly. Virology; 443: 236-247
  2. Liu CI*, Wang RY* (co-first author), Lin JJ, Su JH, Chiu CC, Chen JC, Chen JY, Wu YJ (2012 Aug) Proteomic Profiling of the 11-Dehydrosinulariolide-treated Oral Carcinoma Cells Ca9-22: effects on the cell apoptosis through Mitochondrial-related and ER stress pathway. J. Proteomics; 75:5578-5589. * Equally contributed authors.
  3. Neoh CA*, Wang RY* (co-first author), Din ZH, Su JH, Chen YK, Tsai FJ, Weng SH, Wu YJ (2012 Dec) Induction of Apoptosis by Sinulariolide from Soft Coral through Mitochondrial-Related and p38MAPK Pathways on Human Bladder Carcinoma Cells. Mar. Drugs; 10: 2893-2911. * Equally contributed authors.
  4. Wang RY, Huang YR, Chong KM, Hung CY, Ke ZL, Chang RY. (2011 Oct) DnaJ homolog Hdj2 Facilitates Japanese Encephalitis Virus Replication. Virology   J ; 8:471.
  5. Wu YP, Chang CM, Schuyler S, Hung CY, Tsai MC, Wang RY*.(2011 Mar) Japanese Encephalitis Virus Co-opts the ER-Stress Response Protein GRP78 for Viral Infectivity. Virology J ; 8:128.   *Corresponding author.

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