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Our center combines plastic surgery and dermatology specialists
Provide humanized professional beauty and body consultation and professional treatment

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Our Chang Gung Memorial Aesthetic Medicine Center provides medical center level
Laser treatment and micro plastic surgery are your best choices


offers the most perfect cosmetic body consultation

With the generation of the newest aesthetic idea, the cosmetic medical center on the largest scale of Asia has been established in the Taoyuan branch in the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital on January 15, 2006. This center combines Dept. of Dermatology and Dept. of plastic Surgery, and offers the most perfect cosmetic body consultation. The Taoyuan branch is located in Kuei-Shan high hillock on the mountain, have beautiful modeling of the diesis type, mounting refinedly and bright, the pure and fresh air and pleasantly peaceful the environment.


Laser Beauty

There are hundreds of types of laser treatments, which one is right for me?
For several major skin problems, we will help you analyze the most suitable laser beauty treatment for each problem.

  • Fraxel Laser
  • Gentle YAG Laser
  • ThermoCool(CPT)
  • Vasculite /Quantum IPL

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Aesthetic Medicine Clinic
Provides a full range of beauty and body care services and treatments.

  • Endoscopic Face Lift
  • Face Lift
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Liposuction

Hair Transplant Center

Hair transplantation was a well established surgical procedure for treating androgenetic alopecia, scarring alopecia, eyebrows or eyelashes defect, beard or mustache restoration, and other irreversible hair loss.

  • Causes and treatments of male baldness
  • Hair loss and hair transplant consultation clinic
  • Indications for hair transplantation
  • Hair transplantation process

Other Beauty

Spacious garden-style cosmetic medicine center
It also provides other cosmetic surgery consultation services at the medical center level.

  • Sculptra injection
  • Hyaluronic Acid Injection Introduction
  • Botulinum Toxin Injection
  • Glycolic acid

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