【Say Goodbye to Odors and Embarrassment】

Did you know?




Studies have shown that one out of every five people in Taiwan feels troubled by sweaty and smelly underarms. Excessive sweating and body odor can cause distress and discomfort, and may even hinder interpersonal relationships.


What causes underarm sweating and odor?




As a matter of fact, body odor is largely hereditary. Research shows that if your parents have symptoms of sweating and body odor, you will have a 50% chance of developing the same symptoms. If you also have wet earwax, the chance of developing body odor symptoms is even higher.


At what age do underarm sweating and body odor problems start to develop?


Most begin to notice this problem at the beginning of puberty.

The main reason has to do with your physical development. There are apocrine glands beneath the skin of your armpits. These glands start to develop during puberty and can produce odor after receiving pheromone signals.



What are the methods to treat excessive sweating and body odor?

There are many treatment options available, including temporary and permanent treatments.

Temporary Methods:

1. Use antiperspirants and deodorants

2. Botox injection

If the symptoms are mild, you can simply use antiperspirants and deodorants. However, summer in Taiwan is normally hot. The weather may easily cause heavy sweating and thereby minimize the performance of the deodorants. People with more serious conditions may require treatment with Botox injection.

Botox injections can effectively reduce the production of sweat and odors, but they need to be administered about once every six months, which may be less practical for some people.


Permanent Methods:

1. Traditional Surgery

2. Microwave Therapy


Traditional surgeries use invasive methods to remove the apocrine and sweat glands with effective results. However, the recovery period is longer, and the wounds require attentive care, making it more difficult for busy people to comply.


Another kind of treatment is a relatively new technology that is non-invasive and uses microwave ablation to destroy sweat glands. The biggest benefit is that it does not require a recovery period and therefore can achieve effective results in a short amount of time.


As for which one is more suitable for you? We recommend that you make an appointment with a doctor and talk with them in person to get a better assessment.