Aesthetic Medicine


Aesthetic Medicine: Bringing Finesse and Elegance to the Fore

In today's competitive society, maintaining a refined appearance and a well-proportioned physique is our common desire. Besides everyday skincare, as medicine advances, professional aesthetic medicine can also help to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your physique. This explains why the aesthetic medicine is blooming. However, in the booming medical aesthetic market, it is critical for consumers to garner an understanding of the true meaning of aesthetic medicine in order to select the appropriate professional health and beauty service provider.


In aesthetic medicine, treatments are performed by medical specialists using state-certified machines and materials. Unlike cosmetics and skincare, extreme caution is required when practicing aesthetic medicine. There are often noticeable improvements after a single treatment. Intervals between treatments should extend beyond one month, which is especially important for laser skin lightening treatments, as frequent exposure can cause redness and hyper-pigmentation. Therefore, effective and professional aesthetic treatments can produce maximal improvements within a small number of treatments. Proper aesthetic medicine should not require daily visits to the clinic.


The Aesthetics Center of the Chang Gung Clinic combines dermatology and plastic surgery to provide various cosmetic services, such as laser therapy and non-invasive ultrasound. We are located away from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei to provide cosmetic treatments in a private and safe environment, which includes such amenities as private outpatient waiting compartments and first-class personal beauty areas. With our distinguished plastic surgeons and dermatologists recruited from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, we pride ourselves in our status as a first-rate flagship cosmetic center.


There are qualified and dedicated anesthesiologists at all medical centers of the Chang Gung Medical Foundation and the Aesthetics Center of the Chang Gung Clinic.


Anesthesia procedures for cosmetic surgeries include local anesthesia, regional anesthesia, general anesthesia and TCI anesthesia.


The risk of general anesthesia is relatively high. It is crucial to ensure the client's safety through preoperative check-ups and anesthetic visits, intraoperative monitoring, and postoperative recovery care by the anesthesiologist.



The newly-established Chang Gung Clinic is located inside the Wenhua International Commercial Building and is staffed by first-rate plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Private waiting areas with complimentary coffee and snacks are provided to make your waiting time more pleasant.


We provide individual rooms for removing make-up before operations and for receiving cold compression treatment after operations. These deluxe rooms have built-in interactive TVs and electrical sockets for you to enjoy your stay.


Our state-of-the-art laser facilities and surgical equipment.