International Craniofacial Fellows/Observers (510 trainees from 51 countries)

For more information, please visit: Craniofacial Center Service and Training

-- Ms. Nancy


Application for International visiting scholarship:

We provide 2 kinds of programs for International visiting scholar:

The visiting scholarship program, you may stay in our division for a maximum 3 months, you may observe the clinic activities include surgery, but may not scrub in. Once you're accepted as a visiting scholar, you have to prepare some documents for the paper work of the application; usually the paper work takes 8 to 10 weeks. A free single dormitory will provide after finish the paper work of the application.

The fellowship program provides one year clinic training, include surgery. You have to compete with those applicants, because we accept 6 fellows for each year, and there're lots of applicants. A free single dormitory will provide after finish the paper work of the application, you may also chose a pay apartment in medical community of CGMH.

Those 2 programs are free and no salary pay, please consider your finance situation when you make your choice.

If you're planning to apply the visiting scholarship, please contact Dr. Ming-Huei Cheng, chief of our division,
If you're planning to apply the fellowship, please contact Professor Fu-Chan Wei, director of the international fellowship program of our division,

If you have any further questions, please do hot heist to ask Ms. Wendy Chang.

-- Wendy Chiang
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