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Liver and Transplantation Surgery

Liver disease is always a common disease in Taiwan. Hepatocellular carcinoma is also one of the most common malignancy in Taiwan. Concerning so many people are suffered from liver diseases and liver tumors, a special division, Liver and Transplantation Surgery, in Department of General Surgery was setup in 2006. This Division gathers well-experienced liver and transplant surgeons. The survice of this Division majors in liver resection, hepatobiliary surgery, liver transplantation, and other organ transplantation. This Division also provides the training program of liver resection and liver transplantation for young surgeons and foreign doctors who are interested in liver disease and transplantation.
  The major goals of this special division are providing the best care and treatment for patients, providing the training program for young surgeons and investigating the mechanisms of liver diseases for futural treatment of liver diseases.